Venerini Sisters Common Bond Statement:
The call of the Venerini Sisters is to be a community of women of prayer, living the Gospel through service and availability to the people of God.

Vowed Membership:
In imitation of Christ, the Sisters are called to holiness based on the Gospel values of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The Venerini Sisters Live Community:
This affords the Sisters the opportunity for spiritual growth along with apostolic discernment which helps them realize their individual call to the ministry

The Venerini Sisters Live Mission:
They answer the call to serve the people of God and the Church. The Sisters engage in various ministries that recognize Christ in each person treating each with respect, love and caring.

The Venerini Sisters Live A Life of Service:
They render apostolic service though teaching, catechesis, pastoral ministry, health care, social services, youth ministry and foreign missions. They minister in Italy, Albania, Romania, The United States, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Africa guided by the Charism of their foundress, "Educate to Set Free".