The Venerini Sisters believe that as women of Prayer, we are called to share the Gospel message of love, peace, and justice through the Charism of Saint Rosa Venerini. This ideal is shared by community members and by persons who through Associate Membership are deeply concerned with the values and goals of Christian living. Inspired by the Charism of Saint Rosa Venerini an Associate lives the Gospel message through service to the People of God. United in Spirit and prayer with the Sisters, an Associate aims to deepen a personal relationship with God. Sharing the vision of the Venerini Sisters an Associate broadens the mission of the vowed members. This association is for interested persons, 18 years of age and older, who wish to give expression to their relationship with the religious community of the Venerini Sisters. The primary bond is one of mutual support through prayer and shared ministries. The Associates make yearly promises and live in their own homes.