Rosa Venerini was born in Viterbo, Italy on February 9, 1656. After a long period of prayer and discernment, seeking to know what God was asking of her, she began to invite women of her neighborhood into her home to recite the Rosary and learn the truths of the Faith. On August 30, 1685 she opened her first school where young women received religious instruction, learned to read, write, sew, embroider and develop those skills which would help them to live full and productive lives. Rosa's work marked an important milestone in the education of young women. As others joined her the number of Maestre (teachers) and schools increased throughout other parts of Italy. Rosa spent the remainder of her life dedicated to the work she had begun training and guiding the Maestre, establishing schools and visiting them. It was a life of prayer, concern, travel and sacrifice. She used every available opportunity to help others. The norms she formulated for a way of life were simple, relevant, and based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rosa died in Rome on May 7, 1728. She was beatified on May 4, 1952. On October 15, 2006, Rosa Venerini was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI.